Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blue Knights craft idea: Fear of God

Here's a craft idea excerpt from the Blue Knights Craft Companion for Year 1 by Karina Fabian:

Spear of the Fear of God

Dowel Spear * S

Fear the Lord, you holy ones; nothing is lacking those who fear Him.--Ps 34:10

Preparation Time: None

Craft Time: 20 minutes

Per boy: One 1/2” or ¾”dowel, about 5’ long or shorter for shorter boys
Paint or markers
Aluminum foil
Sandpaper (optional)

Pocket knives
Paint brushes

Preparation: None

Craft: Boys will sharpen one end of their spear into a dull point. They may want to sand it down to smooth the tip. Decorate by covering with foil or painting or using markers to make designs.

Simplify: None

Embellish: Use this in combination with targets for a game. Place the targets on the ground outside and the kids can have a throwing contest.


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