Monday, February 25, 2008

Greetings From Big Sky Country

I am Dan McGuire - the author of the Blue Knights Boys Club series of Guides. First, I want to provide a word of thanks to all who have contributed to the success of the Blue Knights. When I first started the program I had no idea it would take off the way it has. I am grateful to Ecce Homo Press and so many others who took my initial product and made it what it is today. I hoped that people would run with the idea and improve it. That aspect of my vision has succeeded beyond my expectations. The people running the clubs and making changes while staying true to the core of the Blue Knights has been humbling. Thank-you all.

I remember the second time I did year 1. I decided to make the Breastplate of Justice out of aluminum mesh rather than nylon (more like real chain mail I thought). In short order I had several young lads walking about my garage saying "ow!" "ow!" and holding their arms akimbo. Seems the sharp edges were poking them all over. Not a good idea. Thankfully most of you have been more prudent.

I'd also like to update you on what I've been doing since I wrote the Blue Knights (and why I've been away from active participation for so long.) I retired from the Marines in 2003 and attended Marquette University to get my PhD in Theology. I am now an Assistant Professor of Theology at the University of Great Falls in Montana. My 13 yr old son Patrick is getting ready to run a Year 1 Blue Knights Club for the local homeschoolers. I'm still a little busy with the demands of a "rookie" professor, but he has stepped up to the plate in my stead.

I hope to post soon on ideas for getting busy (or disinterested) Dads more involved. My biggest disappointment with the Blue Knights is how many clubs are not being supported by the Dads out there. No offense to the Moms who make this thing work, but I really hoped to provide some "clandestine catechises" for Dads. The fact that so many men are abdicating their role in passing on the faith is a real problem - one that even made it into my dissertation. So look for more on that front. I'd encourage any other Dads out there to share their insights on this topic as well. We've got the boys interested, how do we get more Dads?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lent Craft

Here's a great craft for Lent from the BKBC craft book by Karina Fabian!
Clothespin Cross * * *
Blue Knights Boys’ Club Craft Companion
(Year I)

Great addition to your Blue Knights Boys’ Club! Fantastic for busy dads on
the go! Complete with material list, prep time, craft time, pictures, diagrams
and alternative ideas. Great companion for Year One Blue Knights! Five crafts
for each virtue plus five general crafts.
By Karina L. Fabian.

Tremble Before God, all the Earth/Say among nations, “The Lord is King.”
--Ps 96:9,10
Preparation Time: 5-20 minutes, depending on how much you simplify

Craft Time: 20-30 minutes, depending on how much you simplified

Materials: Per boy:
Cross pattern and 8 ½” x 11” piece of cardboard OR cardboard cross
7 clothespins OR 14 clothespin pieces (NOTE: These clothespins are the
kind that “pinch” and have a metal spring in between two wood
Small metal hook for holding up frames
Hot glue
Construction paper, markers, small pieces of fabric (optional)

Tools: Scissors
Hot glue gun
Pocket knives

Preparation: If simplifying, do one or more of the following:
--Cut out crosses from cardboard using pattern provided.
--Pull apart clothespins and discard the metal pieces
--Cut two pieces of one clothespin 1 ½” from bottom. Discard top piece.

Craft: Depending on how much you’ve simplified, follow these steps.
--Cut out the crosses according to the pattern.
--Pull apart the clothespins and discard the metal pieces.
--Cut two pieces of one clothespin 1 ½” from the bottom and discard the tops.
Glue two pieces flat sides together and set aside to dry. On its side, it looks like a body, and will become the body of Jesus.
Next, glue or hot glue the clothespins flat to cover the cardboard. Start with the vertical part of the cross first and put two pieces side by side. It looks better if you use the flatter side on top and line the “furrows” up. Next, do the horizontal part, again with two side by side.
Hot glue the body to the cross with the head about two inches from the top of the cross. (The clothespins will be on their sides so both are seen and the head is the rounded part of the clothespin.)
The 1 ½” pieces are the arms of Christ. Hot glue these at the shoulder point of the body, with the curves pointing down.
Simplify: See Preparation.

Embellish: Use construction paper to make a plaque with “INRI” for the top of the cross. Use the fabric to drape over the body. The boys could also use markers or paint to color their cross or add nail marks, a loincloth, or whatever.

Friday, February 22, 2008


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