Monday, February 25, 2008

Greetings From Big Sky Country

I am Dan McGuire - the author of the Blue Knights Boys Club series of Guides. First, I want to provide a word of thanks to all who have contributed to the success of the Blue Knights. When I first started the program I had no idea it would take off the way it has. I am grateful to Ecce Homo Press and so many others who took my initial product and made it what it is today. I hoped that people would run with the idea and improve it. That aspect of my vision has succeeded beyond my expectations. The people running the clubs and making changes while staying true to the core of the Blue Knights has been humbling. Thank-you all.

I remember the second time I did year 1. I decided to make the Breastplate of Justice out of aluminum mesh rather than nylon (more like real chain mail I thought). In short order I had several young lads walking about my garage saying "ow!" "ow!" and holding their arms akimbo. Seems the sharp edges were poking them all over. Not a good idea. Thankfully most of you have been more prudent.

I'd also like to update you on what I've been doing since I wrote the Blue Knights (and why I've been away from active participation for so long.) I retired from the Marines in 2003 and attended Marquette University to get my PhD in Theology. I am now an Assistant Professor of Theology at the University of Great Falls in Montana. My 13 yr old son Patrick is getting ready to run a Year 1 Blue Knights Club for the local homeschoolers. I'm still a little busy with the demands of a "rookie" professor, but he has stepped up to the plate in my stead.

I hope to post soon on ideas for getting busy (or disinterested) Dads more involved. My biggest disappointment with the Blue Knights is how many clubs are not being supported by the Dads out there. No offense to the Moms who make this thing work, but I really hoped to provide some "clandestine catechises" for Dads. The fact that so many men are abdicating their role in passing on the faith is a real problem - one that even made it into my dissertation. So look for more on that front. I'd encourage any other Dads out there to share their insights on this topic as well. We've got the boys interested, how do we get more Dads?

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